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What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

While many plastic surgeons perform what they term “ethnic rhinoplasty,” to achieve a result that honors your background requires more than surgical skill – it demands artistry. A well-performed ethnic rhinoplasty does not create a “Westernized” nose, but a reshaped nose structure that brings out the best in your natural features. Dr. Michael Kim is recognized as a leading rhinoplasty surgeon in Portland. He can assist you to achieve a new nose shape that is balanced and in harmony with your other features, and remarkably natural in appearance.

Uniquely-tailored for each individual, our Portland ethnic rhinoplasty can change the size of the nose, reshape disproportionate nostrils, augment or reduce the nasal bridge, contour a boxy or bulbous nasal tip, and/or straighten an asymmetric nose while maintaining desired characteristics of one’s ethnicity.

Am I a Candidate for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

If you are unhappy with the nose nature gave you, and do not like some aspect of the shape, projection, or size, a custom ethnic rhinoplasty in Portland can be performed to bring your nose into natural balance with your other attractive features. The aesthetic problems that can be corrected with an ethnic rhinoplasty include:

  • Flat nose bridge
  • Hump on nose bridge
  • Hanging tip
  • Overlarge tip
  • Wide nostrils
  • Overlarge nose structure
  • Reduce bulbous nose tip
  • Refined nose shape
  • Reduce wide nose structure

How is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty Different?

To reshape the nose to be in harmony with your features requires a custom surgical plan, and poses some unique challenges, both artistically and surgically.

For some patients, bridge augmentation can create a more refined look by subtly building up a flat nose bridge with the use of cartilage harvested from another body area.

For a broader nose shape that requires narrowing to achieve more definition, it will be necessary to address the inner structure of the nose, narrowing the bridge for some patients, and creating a more refined appearance.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Portland

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