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“I can't imagine a better outcome”

I am finally getting around to writing a review of my incredible experience with Dr. Kim. I had a rhinoplasty back in 2015, and I can't imagine a better outcome. I was extremely uncomfortable with my profile, to the point where even stopping at red lights made me feel like everyone next to me was staring. Dr. Kim made me feel normal, and completely comfortable with the entire process. He was extremely thorough with explaining how the surgery would go, how I would heal, and what the outcome would be. Healing was quick and painless, and when it came time to take the cast off, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I no longer think about people looking at me, unless they are admiring my new, beautiful nose :) 6/5 stars for Dr. Michael Kim. Don't choose anyone else to do your surgery if you're in the Portland area!


“It's so natural looking”

The first time I tried a google review on here it didn’t post and it is so worth it to give Dr. Kim 5 stars that I came back to try again!! He saved my face and my sleep habits too. I found Dr Kim after a previously botched rhinoplasty from different doctor and had broken my nose again. He reconstructed my nose, opened the nasal cavity, changed the tip to match the new and healthier shape, and the best part is that no one can even tell!!! In the best way I mean!! It’s so natural looking. I couldn’t breathe through my nose for two years before I saw Dr Kim, and therefore hadn’t slept though the night in nearly that long. Thank you Dr Kim!!! For anyone looking for a new doctor, stop now, you’ve found the one.


“The only doctor I would recommend”

Dr. Kim did my ear lobe restoration after I had gauges in my early twenties. The professionalism and kindness you experience from the moment you meet him is unlike any other medical practice I have been apart of. I am so happy to see that he has opened his own practice and he is the only doctor I would recommend to anyone looking for any surgery that he offers.


“The experience was so wonderful”

I recently visited Dr. Kim for botox and tear trough injections. The experience was sooo wonderful! It was my first time doing any cosmetic procedure, and I was nervous going into it. Dr. Kim eased all of my anxieties, had amazing bedside manner, and did an excellent job with my face!! Dr. Kim will definitely be my cosmetic doctor for life. Go see him!


“He ALWAYS does such an amazing job”

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kim twice a year since 2014 for lip augmentation. He ALWAYS does such an amazing job! I couldn’t be happier with his work. Also, he’s very caring and really funny. I always look forward to my appointment. I can’t wait to see his new practice.


“I will forever be grateful for him and his work”

Changed my bad situation and life for the better. I lost all the skin on the side of my forehead and scalp and with his help I now have it all again. His guidance, inventiveness, and incomparable surgical abilities can make a masterpiece out of nothing, literally. My family and I will forever be grateful for him and his work.


“One of the best investments I've ever made”

Not only is Dr. Kim an incredible surgeon, he's just an all-around great guy. You'll feel it immediately when you meet him. He makes you laugh, inspires confidence, and treats you like a friend. I had a rhinoplasty done by Dr. Kim in 2016 and consider it one of the best investments I've ever made. As a graphic designer, my taste could be described as uncompromising. I came to Dr. Kim with a very specific vision of how I wanted my new nose to look. It turned out even better than I had imagined and I couldn't be happier with the final result! Dr. Kim is precise and truly an artist. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist in facial plastics. He really is the best.


“A surgeon at the top of his game”

Dr. Kim is the best, not only in the PNW, but in the US. I went to several surgeons in LA and SF, before ultimately choosing to work with Dr. Kim in Portland. I am so glad I did. When it comes to something as visible as my face, I wanted to work with someone who was both highly educated and highly trained, with the experience and expertise to back it up. Dr. Kim was all of those things and more. His bedside manner and humor was a plus. I recommend him to my family and friends all the time. If you are looking for a surgeon at the top of his game, Dr. Kim is the person for you.


“The results are something I will never get over”

Best surgeon! If I ever go back into surgery, I know exactly who to call now. The results are natural, and complement the rest of your features. Very pleasant experience, and the results are something I will never get over. Dr. Mike was born for this!


“I'm forever grateful”

Dr. Kim changed my life. I lived with chronic TMJ pain for over a decade until Dr Kim suggested Botox. I no longer need pain meds and can read entire stories to my daughter without crying. I’m forever grateful for his help when other doctors turned me away. Thank you Dr Kim!!


“Highly recommended”

Dr. Kim is one of the most personable, professional, and talented doctors in his field. He understands what looks good/natural and has the skill set to accomplish it seamlessly while being welcoming, accommodating, truly hearing out his clients desired outcome. Highly recommend!


“I never thought I could feel this confident”

It has been over three years since my rhinoplasty with Dr.Kim and all I can say is, WOW! I never thought I could feel this confident in my own skin. Dr. Kim is an amazingly talented doctor with incredible bedside manner, always accessible and truly cares about his patients. He's prompt to reply via email which I found refreshing as most doctors pass this task onto their nurses/PA's. He also managed my expectations and over delivered. My rhinoplasty truly changed my life inside and out, best money I have ever spent. Will certainly be using Dr. Kim in the future for other treatments (botox, fillers etc..) If you are looking for an amazingly gifted facial surgeon look no further than Dr. Kim; you won’t be disappointed.


“Can't thank him enough”

Searched many years for someone like Dr. Kim to transform my Asian nose. I’ve been wanting rhinoplasty since my teens and have not found the right one until I met Dr. Kim. Not only is he talented but he is kind and passionate about what he does. He has AMAZING bedside manners and that says a lot as an RN myself. I was pretty much sold the day I first met him. I flew all the way from Massachusetts to Oregon just for my consultation. Had surgery in the fall of that year and I am SO happy of my results. It came out so natural but at the same time a significant enhancement. I had rib cartilage added to my nose to give it a higher bridge and nostril flare reduction. I am confident and happy and it’s all because of Dr. Kim. When you meet this doctor you will know what I mean! What I also love is that he is very tech savvy and accommodating - first time I encountered Dr. Kim, I sent him a DM on Instagram (@drmichaelkim) for an opinion about my nose since I was across the country from him. He actually replied and gave his input! Can’t thank him enough!


“Hands down the best doctor”

Dr. Kim is an incredibly talented plastic surgeon. I had been wanting to get my nose corrected for a long time. I went to see Dr. Kim and he made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and with care. I would recommend for anyone to go see him. Hands down the best Doctor. I say that because he truly cares about his patients. I have never felt more comfortable and safe in a medical environment. My nose had been broken or hit multiple times playing soccer growing up. It was very crooked and made me self conscious most of my life. I couldn't take photos without wanting to photoshop my nose. I have been made fun of by people for my nose being crooked as well. You can see how this would affect one's confidence. Dr. Kim went through the process of correcting my nasal concerns with grace and skill. He explained everything to me in great detail. It has been a little over a month since my nose surgery. I was in a photo the other day, and for the first time in probably 16 years, I didn't want to throw the picture away. I looked at myself in the picture and said, wow....Dr. Kim helped me get my confidence back. Dr. Kim thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I still look like myself, my nose is refined and corrected again, but most importantly it is the confidence I have been given that I was missing for a very long time. Thank you Dr. Kim. I will never forget what you have done for me.

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