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What Is a Brow Lift?

Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that raises the skin and soft tissue of the forehead and brow to rejuvenate the appearance of the upper face.

What to Expect with a Brow Lift?

A brow lift in Portland is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Depending on your unique needs, Dr. Kim will use one of two possible brow lift surgical techniques:

Endoscopic Brow Lift

This technique uses small incisions within the hair-bearing scalp. An endoscope along with special instruments are placed through the incisions. The muscles and tissue beneath the skin are adjusted to correct furrows in the forehead and visible creases. This is followed by fixation of the brow in an elevated position.

Hairline Brow Lift

A hairline or “pretrichial” brow lift is often performed on individuals with a high or receding hairline. The surgeon removes an appropriate amount of tissue and skin from the forehead. Fixation of the brow is performed and the wound is meticulously closed to lie along the hairline for maximum camouflage.

Why is Brow Lift Surgery Performed?

The brows tend to descend due to aging. There is a shorter distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes when the skin and soft tissues begin to lose elasticity. Dr. Michael Kim's Portland brow lift is performed to raise the eyebrows and restore a more youthful, refreshed appearance to the area. It can also be performed in combination with other cosmetic facial procedures, such as a facelift or an eye lift.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Your results will appear within a few weeks after the procedure when swelling and bruising subside. You can expect to see smoother skin on your forehead, lifted brows, and a more youthful, rested look.

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