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What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgery performed to correct a previous rhinoplasty result. This surgery can be performed to correct any of the following problems resulting from a primary rhinoplasty:

  • Nose still too large
  • Nose shape uneven
  • Nose tip appears pinched
  • Nose bridge overly-corrected
  • Nasal airways are obstructed
  • Over or under-corrected nose tip
  • Thickened scar tissue (internal, external)
  • Irregular nose bridge, or poor balance between nose bridge and tip
  • Nose structure collapse
  • Over-projected tip
  • Asymmetry
  • Collapsed nostrils, external valve collapse
  • Nose shape appears artificial rather than natural

What Takes Place in a Revision Rhinoplasty?

In Dr. Kim’s practice, revision rhinoplasty is a custom-tailored operation that may require several advanced rhinoplasty surgical techniques in order to achieve the best possible result.

In many instances, revision rhinoplasty requires harvesting cartilage from alternative sites such as the bowl of your ear, or from your rib cage. The surgery will be performed while you are under general anesthesia and varies in duration depending on the issues that need to be addressed.

After a period of time in our recovery room, you can be driven home to recover by a family member or friend. If you are a traveling patient, we can help you make arrangements for accommodations and a medical transportation service.

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Corrective Surgery for a Botched Nose Job in Portland

Unfortunately, poorly performed nose surgeries may lead to unnatural and asymmetric shapes, poor aesthetic contours, and restricted breathing. If you are unhappy with the results of a primary rhinoplasty and are struggling with an unsatisfactory outcome, then schedule a private consultation with Dr. Kim to learn about your corrective options for revision rhinoplasty in Portland.

Custom Revision Rhinoplasty: Dr. Michael Kim

When under the care of Dr. Kim, your surgery will be carefully and thoroughly planned so that the existing issues are corrected to the best extent possible. Revision rhinoplasty surgery requires the highest level of surgical skill and you can trust Dr. Kim to make significant improvements to the form and function of the nose.

Why Choose Dr. Kim for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kim is a renowned nose surgeon and is amongst the highest volume revision rhinoplasty surgeons in Portland and the Pacific Northwest. Patients who were left with a botched nose job come to him from the city, state, and other areas for revision rhinoplasty, due to his exceptional skills in correcting even the most complex problems. Dr. Kim is honored by the many cosmetic plastic surgery colleagues who recognize Dr. Kim’s revision rhinoplasty expertise and routinely refer patients who have had suboptimal nasal surgery outcomes.

What is the Recovery After Revision Rhinoplasty?

While every patient recovers at a slightly different rate, you should plan on ten days to two weeks prior to returning to work, school, or engaging in important social events where you want to look your best. You will have a splint covering the nose to protect it and keep it stable. The early days of recovery are the most uncomfortable to experience, but with the help of prescription pain medication, you should not feel excessive pain.

You can engage in light activities in about 48 hours, such as gentle walking, but must avoid bending over, lifting, or blowing your nose for about two weeks. You will need to keep your head elevated above the level of your heart at all times, including during the sleep hours, for at least two weeks.

How Often is a Revision Rhinoplasty Needed?

It may surprise you to learn that the need for revision rhinoplasty in Portland is common. The research literature states that an astonishing 13 to 15 percent of patients who undergo primary rhinoplasty have at least one additional rhinoplasty surgery in their lifetime. This number is likely skewed by the scores of rhinoplasty performed by those who do not perform a high volume of nasal surgery. Therefore, it is best to avoid the need for revision surgery by finding the most qualified plastic surgeon for primary rhinoplasty in order to minimize the chances of needing a future additional--and usually more costly--corrective revision surgery. However, if you have already had a poor rhinoplasty outcome, seek out Dr. Kim’s expertise to help you achieve your original goals.

Revision Rhinoplasty Portland, Oregon

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